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After ten years of designing and building custom pergolas we a wide have selection of pergola styles and materials to choose from. We can supply you with the perfect pergola to fit your setting.

Baldwin Pergolas

A Pavilion may be more appropriate for your needs, so we offer four styles of pavilions ranging from mountainside-rustic to commercial to highly refined residential. Take a look!


Our team has handled dozens of high end commercial projects for a variety of institutions. We look forward to working with your team. We like to under promise and over deliver.

Commercial Pergolas
We sell direct
We sell direct

We've been selling direct-to-customer since inception in 1987. The direct communication speeds design and adds clarity. We are a small enough company to provide immediate service.

We stay on schedule
We stay on schedule

Pergolas and Pavilions are typically the last stage of a back-yard-makeover. We work especially hard to keep projects moving so you can stay on or ahead of schedule.
LEAD TIME: In most cases, our standard pergolas and pavilions can be designed, created, and shipped in less than six weeks from plan confirmation.

We make it easy
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Most of our structures are custom designed and custom built. We specialize in simplifing a complex world by anticipating problems and solving them proactivly.

Home owner building a pergola

Home Owners

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. Just provide us with a few pieces of information and we will create a CAD drawing showing your site and how it relates to our pergola or Pavilion. We make adjustments until the structure works for you. We work hard to create a kit which a homeowner with limited tools and experience can assemble in a weekend. We are careful to drill every hole, label every part and provide all the hardware you will need to complete the project - with ease.


Building contractors are some of the busiest people around; Always working and often overwhelmed. They put their trust in Baldwin Pergolas to ensure that the pergola or pavilion will come together without a hitch. Custom CAD drawings, custom instructions and attention to detail ensure success. We do not offer dealerships. Everyone pays the same price. This policy allows us to put quality first, as it should be. We make you a promise: Baldwin Pergolas will save you time and make you look good!

Pavilion beside pool #93
Builders buy from Baldwin Pergolas


Builders typically include a Pergola with a model home. It's also quite common for builders to specify pergolas around pools, entry's, parks, playgrounds, lakes and common areas of all sorts. Let our experience with what looks good help you to implement a theme for your project which will tie everything together. Quotes are free. Email us your plans and we'll help you with your budget forecasting. We will travel the world if the project requires it.


Architects are all about the details. How does this connect to that? How do you conceal your fasteners? What are the maximum spans? We do better than answering questions. We can provide DXF drawings which you can pop right into your plans. We'll also work with your to solve engineering challenges. Please give us a chance to provide the things you need. Send us your plans. We are also "all about the details". We make it easy for your to include one of our pergolas in your next project.

Shop Drawings
Builders buy from Baldwin Pergolas

Developers and Municipalities

Some projects require more... More imagination, more focus, more skillful execution. That's where Baldwins excels. We develop custom solutions for challenges such as anchoring rooftop structures or concealing water lines. We solve problems with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. Prevailing wage and LEED certified. Give us a try.

Evaluate your site

Start by visualizing your dream come true outdoor area. Draw a sketch. Add measurements.


This is the MAGIC part where Baldwin Pergolas shines. Max and Matt will help you pull it all together.


This is the easy part. Watch as your dreams become reality. All it takes is vision.

Our Clients

We have worked for some of the most distinguished in America.


"First, man defines his architecture. Forever after, his architecture defines him."