Baldwin Fiberglass Pergolas

Fiberglass Pergola Electrical Options

Electrical Options

- Make your outdoor space perfect with all of the electrical conveniences you love.

- All of our fiberglass columns and profiles are hollow and can be used legally as conduit in most places.

- We can prewire your pergola for lighting, fans, heaters, AV and more!

- Switch, outlet and junction boxes can be cut into the columns.


Ceiling Fans

- Stay cool on hot summer days!

- Fans can also provide a great source of interior lighting.

- We offer factory wiring and mounting options for ceiling fans.

- Switch your fan from inside your pergola, inside your house or with a remote.



$150 per fan mount with factory wiring

In-beam Lighting

- Baldwin offers a variety of lighting options for your pergola...

- We offer custom, concealed, in-beam light fixtures...

- Our concealed down lights are dimmable and have a 36,000 hour average lifetime.

- At 675 Lumens, our concealed lighting, offers the perfect balance of form and function.


In Beam Lighting:

$150 per lighting fixture (Specs)

Sconce Lighting

- Sconce lights offers a practical and elegant lighting solution for your pergola.

- Our columns feature thick walls and can support heavy light fixtures.

- Sconce lights can be placed at any height to meet your specific needs.

- Control your lights from a switch, remote or your smartphone.


Sconce Lighting:

$100 for factory wiring & drilling

Pendant Lighting

- Pendant lights are a beautiful addition to any pergola,

- We will prewire your pergola to meet your specific lighting needs.

- We create custom mounting blocks to mount your pendant lights.

- We will work closely with your electrician to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly.


Pendant Lighting:

$150 for factory wiring & mounting block

Outlets & Switches

- We offer a variety of options for outlet and switch boxes.

- Whether you need outlets and switches on your columns, or a switched outlet concealed between the beams, we've got you covered.

- Our junction boxes are always cut into the columns and blended for a clean look.

- Call us today to get started designing your dream pergola!


1 Gang Box:

$150 for either a switch or outlet

2 Gang Box:

$200 for switchs side by side. Square columns only.

Hidden 1 Gang Outlet:

$150 for an outlet hidden between the beams


- Use your pergola all year round!

- Baldwin offers the highest quality infrared heaters from Infratech.

- Our Infratech heaters are available in 120v, 208v and 240v configurations

- Speak with one of our design experts to find the perfect heater for your space.

Call for pricing

TV & Speakers

- Bring the party outside with a full featured entertainment setup!

- Our columns are rock solid and they are ideal for mounting heavy TVs and speakers.

- We can prewire your pergola with HDMI and speaker wire.

- Other entertainment options include CAT6 and fiber optics.

Call for pricing

Our Process:

- 1: Discuss your electrical requirements with one of our team members.

- 2: Decide which options you would like.

- 3: Decide where the electricity will be fed from(typically through a column).

- 4: Confirm the details of your unique pergola electrical plan.

Note: A licensed electrician will be required to run any necessary conduit on site and is required to make the final connections.


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