Gable Pavilion in Cedar

Gable Pavilion

A rustic, mountain style pavilion crafted in Western Red Cedar.
A 10' x 14' foot patio will support our 10' x 14' Gable Pavilion.

Arched Pavilion

Arched Pavilion

A refined, somewhat Victorian style pavilion with arching beams and detailed trim work. This pavilion has a steep roof pitch and looks great with asphalt shingles or a metal roof.

Traditional Pavilion in Vinyl

Traditional Vinyl Pavilion

A well balanced and proportioned pavilion with beautiful exposed, mahogany stained, hip roof interior. Zero maintenance.

Pine Traditional Pavilion

Traditional Pine Pavilion

A well refined but somewhat simple pavilion built with kiln dried, pressure treated, southern yellow pine whcih is as hard as oak, but lasts forever.
A 10' x 14' foot patio will support our 10' x 14' Traditional Pine Pavilion.


"First, man defines his architecture. Forever after, his architecture defines him."