Baldwin pressure treated pergolas

Pressure Treated, Southern Yellow Pine pergolas

Our Pine Pergola is one of our most popular pergolas

Main benefits of the pine pergola:

* Constructed with furniture grade, kiln dried pressure treated southern yellow pine

* Will last for decades with or without minimal maintenance

* Fully customizable to any size or shape

* This pergola can be Attached to your home

* Designed for easy assembly with minimal tools and experience.

* No exposed fasteners – Mortise and tenon craftsmanship

Baldwins Pine Pergolas Gallery #1

Baldwin Pine Pergolas

A standard pine pergola

Gallery #1

Simple PT pine pergolas are wonderful because the low cost of materials brings the price of the pergola down significantly. We find ourselves customizing a high percentage of these structures because the savings between pine and anything else is significant and the savings almost always go toward grand alterations. Click the right arrow and you'll see what I mean.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

A five sided wooden pergola

Gallery #1

This is a handsome structure. We're able to customize our structures to meet your needs. There is an increase in price, but it's generally minor.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

Custom lattice panel

Gallery #1

This pergola is quite small, but it suited the customers needs perfectly. A quite arbor in the garden for reading and quiet time. Imagine how beautiful this will be when the Clematis grows up?

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

A triangluar pergola

Gallery #1

This pergola is made with sixteen foot boards with posts landing about fourteen feet apart, so we just decided to call it the fifteen foot triangle with drapery. We do the drapery in house here in Connecticut, so if that's something you're interested in, we can introduce you to the seamstress.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas Gallery #2

Baldwin Pine Pergolas

A standard pine pergola

Gallery #2

The beautiful pergola is custom in two ways: The spans are large, so custom glue-lam beams were created to keep the number of posts down to only six then the posts were wrapped with 10" inch diameter vinyl columns. These columns are cosmetic only. Upgrading to them is not free, but when you're saving thousands by choosing the pressure treated pine, you can afford to customize it and get the pergola you really want - without sacrificing anything!

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

A wooden pergola with easy curtains

Gallery #2

I don't remember why this customer wanted a visual barrier to their garden when blocking the Western setting sun would have made more sense, but you get the idea. The curtain provides either shade, privacy, or view blockage. There are two simple mounting brackets and bam! Installation is complete. There is a manual hand crank which allows you to rotate the drive to either roll it up or down.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

Night time wooden pergola

Gallery #2

What could possibly hold one back from purchasing this beautiful structure. Certainly not the price. This 10x10 pergola is standard except for the upgrade to superior posts and a cedar stain. The lights can be found at Target.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

A simple pergola

Gallery #2

This image really shows how simple our design is: 6x6 posts, unobtrusive beams with stability braces, 2x6 profiled rafters, and 2x4 profiled purlins. The rafters and purlins are notched to fit together making assembly easier, but also creating a high leveler of craftsmanship. This is a pergola you can be proud of.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas Gallery #3

Baldwin Pine Pergolas

simple pergolas are great

Gallery #3

Image this setting without the pergola. This setting wouldn't beacon you to walk over there. It wouldn't be as structured or inviting. The pergola creates the room. It defines its own space in a real way.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

Big pergola on deck

Gallery #3

Somebody went to Tuscany and come home with a photo album of decorating ideas. Why not get creative and actually make your ideas a reality? Imagine the feeling of sovereignty this man feels sitting on his deck... I can just hear him now proclaiming proudly "It's good to be king!".

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

Almost attached pergola

Gallery #3

An elevated patio changes the atmosphere significantly. Now one can overlook their grounds and gardens. Well done.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas

pressure treated pine pergola

Gallery #3

A mans home is his castle? Certainly true here. What a grand estate has been created with wood and stone. This looks like a good setting for an Easy Shade Canopy which can be added at any point in the future.

Baldwins Pine Pergolas Options


An attached pine pergola

Attached or Freestanding?

Our pine pergola can be attached to your home without much difficulty. You gain a savings by reducing the number of posts and braces in your kit. The structure of the pergola doesn't change at all. One of the beams gets attached directly to your house, above the siding. Onto that go your rafters and purlins. We create the parts in such a way to make the installation very easy. All that being said, freestanding pergolas are still much more popular.


What size do you want your pergola to be?

Depth and width

Our pergolas are available in standard sizes for ease of pricing, but we can custom tailor the size of your pergola down to the exact inch you require. Our order form makes this simple, but you'll need to tell us exactly where you want the centers of your posts. The best way to do this is to place pots or plates where the posts will be then measure. Custom drawings will be created for your review and approval.


Choose the height of your pergola


We encourage our customers to design short pergolas because they look better and provide more shade. Our pine pergolas are seven foot, three and a half inches tall to the bottom of the main beams. That's 87.5" inches. Many projects require taller posts for a variety of reasons. We can make your posts taller if needed. It's about $15 for every six inches in height, per post. In this photo, you can see that the scale of this job is just too tall.


Leg options

Leg trim and leg quantity

We offer a kit of trim which comes as an assembly called a Superior Post. They add visual weight to the leg which helps to balance the bottom of the pergola and the top of the pergola. If you don't select the superior posts, we will include post skirts which are about six inches tall.

You can add as many posts as you like to create your perfect architecture.



Glue-Lam headers

Our standard design allows only about 15' feet from post center to post center. To make the pergola larger, we can either add more posts, or use stronger beams. The stronger beams are called glue-lams. It's layers of pressure treated 2x6 glued together with special exterior truss glue. After the lamination process, they go through an industrial planer to smooth the edges for a nice fit and finish.


your choice of wood stains

Choose your color

Our pine pergolas come to you either raw, or with a stain/sealer. The most popular is the Canyon Brown, but the Mahogany really glows in the sun. The choice is yours.


Pine lattice panels

Lattice roof

We have the ability to supply lots of natural shade without a great expense. We create panels of lattice using pressure treated lumber. We custom trim the panels to size so the joints end above the centers of the rafters, concealing the joint. A framework surrounds the perimeter of the panels for a clean, finished fit and finish.


Pergola shade systems

Shade systems

Overhead fabric sun-shades have become more and more popular in recent years. Our preferred shade consists of one large sheet of fabric which extends and retracts. More information is available in our Shade Systems section of the web site.


About installation


Our pergolas were specifically designed to make installation easy. If a task such as drilling holes or sanding parts can be done at the factory, it gets done at the factory. After completing thousands of installations, we can confidently say that no job is every easy. Unexpected site conditions are the primary reason. We bring every tool known to man and use most of them during the installation. You will see installation service on the order form, but it is only available if you live within 100 miles of our factory located in 06457, excepting special conditions.

Pine pergola terminology


pine pergola terminology

Footing: A concrete anchor which holds the pergola to the Earth. They need to be deeper than the frost line, but also large enough and deep enough to hold the pergola to the Earth during a strong wind. Footing size should never be less the 42" deep and 12" diameter.

Pier: This in a small stone wall on which a pergola can be mounted. The pier is always supported by a footing or a concrete slab. If building a stone wall or pier, it would be wise to anchor a 5/8" threaded rod into the footing to anchor a pergola.

Post: The 6x6 or 8x8 vertical member which supports the pergola top.

Post skirt: This is a box of trim which conceals the post mounting bracket.

Superior post: This is a taller box of trim which conceals the post mounting bracket and gives visual balance and weight to the bottom of the pergola.

Braces: Some people call them gussets which is perfectly appropriate. Regardless of what you call them, braces and gussets provide diagonal/lateral strength between the post and the beam. These are what keep the pergola rigid.

Main Beams: The beam fit between the posts and supports the rafters. The gussets attach to the beams in such a way as to provide stability and support, in effect narrowing the overall span.

Rafters: These are the primary shade creating members that make up the pergola. They are 1.5" thick by 5.5" tall. They are notched to support and let in the purlins. The typical overhang which is measured from the center of the post to the tip of the rafter is 16" inches.

Purlins: These make up the top layer of the pergola. Each purlin measures 1.5" thick by 3.5" tall. They notch down over the rafters and keep the rafters in a perfect grid. The typical overhang which is measured from the center of the post to the tip of the purlin is 16" inches.

Lattice panels: Thin lats of pressure treated lumber assembled into a panel with perpendicular lats. The panels are about 1/2 inch thick and can be cut to size to fit the pergola. They create lots of shade and support for climbing plants like grapes, wisteria, or clematis.

Overhang: This is the distance from the center of a post to the tip of the rafter or purlin. Typical overhangs are 16" for pine pergolas.

Room size: This is the distance from the center of one post to the center of the opposite post.

Shade area: This is the overall size of your pergola which includes the overhangs, so it's basically your rafter length and your purlin length. It's represented on your site plan by the outermost rectangle.

Spans and height

Spans & Height

Spans are measured from center of footing to center of footing. Often the design calls for large open spans so a beautiful view can be unobstructed. This causes two design concerns: The beam must be built in such a way that it can support the weight of the rafters and purlins without sagging. The larger concern is this: The wind loading of the entire pergola must be divided by the number of posts. Fewer posts means more stress on each post. We solve this wide span problem by placing two posts close together on either end of the span.

Our typical pine pergola beams are capable of supporting a 16' pergola with post centers 15' 1.75" center to center. If you want to go further than that, then we upgrade you to glue-lam beams which allow a center of post to center of post distance of 21' feet 1.75" inches. A pergolas job is to provide a feeling of protection when you are within it. "If a branch were to fall toward me, this pergola would protect me from harm.". If the spans are super natural, the pergolas occupants will be wondering what's holding it up and therefore will be in a state of fear rather than security.

Height is also a structural concern because each post has mechanical advantage like a lever. When you apply ten pounds of force to the side of the top, you exert eight times that amount of force to the bottom, assuming that the post is eight feet tall. Our typical offerings are designed to endure high winds, but large residential pergolas and commercial jobs may require engineering. These are things which get discussed.

Shade canopies

Our Easy Shade Canopy

Shade room

Our easy shade systems work very well with all of our pergolas. We have a entire page of information about the Easy Shade system which you can link to here. The information on this page is specific to combining an Easy Shade system with a Baldwin Pine Pergola.

The Easy Shade has a main, central beam which wants to be centered and run perpendicular to the rafters. When you order a pergola with a shade system, we create three of your rafters with lumber inside which allows one to attach the mono-beam securely.

The fabric is hung from cross-bars which roll back and forth within the centered mono-beam. We restrict each end of the cross bar from being blown upward with shade rails. These shade rails attach to the inner face of the main beams. If your pergola is attached to your house, then the inner shade rail is attached to the bottoms of the rafters. By lowering the outermost shade rail, we can get rainwater to flow away from the house.

Customer ordering a pergola

The pergola ordering process

Measure and photos

Determine where you want the center of your posts. Measure distance in width and depth. Determine how much overhang you would like on each side. Overhang is measured from the center of the post to the tip of the rafter or purlin. The standard overhang is 22" inches. Rafter length is your depth from center to center plus your front and rear overhangs. Purlin length is your width from center to center plus your left and right overhangs. Consider height and sight lines. Remember, short pergolas give more shade under the pergola. Consider the time of day you will use your pergola and the angle of the sun at that time. Take a few photos of your site and send them to us.

Go online

We have an online pergola pricing tool you can use to configure your pergola. When you are using the pricing tool, you will need to select your options such as: The cut on the ends of the beams and rafters, post size and type, color, fabric color.

The pergola pricing tool will give you a price for the pergola, your electrical options, drapery and even a trucking quote. It’s easy to modify your pergola until it is exactly what you desire. You can feel comfortable using this no dicker, always accurate pricing tool. We do reserve the right to adjust prices due to lumber costs without notice.

If the pergola you desire cannot be built using our system, please enter the pergola as closely as possible then describe what you would like done differently in the notes section. You can also call our sales team during business hours at 800 344-5103x1 and they will do all of this for you.

When you are pleased with your pergola and are ready to talk to one of our designers, click the “Submit information” button. Your data gets sent to us.

On our side

We review your pergola choices and call you to answer any questions you might have. We suggest making changes that would either make your pergola more useful or more beautiful, but we also look for ways to reduce the lead time and your cost.

Deposit then Drawings

When all of your concerns have been addressed and pricing established, a deposit gets the wheels rolling. Along the way you can request an elevation drawing of the front, back, or either side so you can see what pergola will look like. Based on this visual, you may request changes. We adjust your file and explain any changes in price. We also create another visual for your approval. When you are happy with the drawings you confirm every detail and we begin production.

Scheduling & Logistics

During production you may get a call or email from the production team asking about your ceiling fan height or what color light switches you want. When the pergola kit is complete, we require final payment before shipping. If you are within 300 miles, we offer you our in-house, white glove delivery service.

If you are more than 300 miles from our factory, we use Yellow Freight as our over the road trucking company. In case of a freight company delivery, you will be responsible for physically removing the pergola or pavilion from the truck. Unless you have a forklift, this requires entering the truck, unpacking the structure and physically unloading it from the truck, member by member. You are also required to remove all the pallets and packaging from the truck. A freight forwarding service could be hired to preform this service for you, but that expense is typically $700 or more.


Baldwin Pergolas are designed to be very easy to put together, but there are still difficult aspects such as using a level to determine the lengths of the posts, cutting the posts to length, drilling the concrete and anchoring the mounting brackets. If this sounds like more then you want to do, we may be able to suggest experienced pergola installers in your area.

pricing of pergolas

Pricing Chart

Use the following chart as a guideline to learn what a Pine Pergola might cost.  More precise pricing and selection of options can be found by designing your pergola using our custom pergola pricing tool below.

Pricing of Pressure Treated Pine Pergolas:

Patio size Base price Lattice roof Shade system Site plan
8 x 8' $2520 $311 $1340 pdf
8 x 10' $2630 $347 $1470 pdf
8 x 12' $2880 $392 $1560 pdf
8 x 14' $2930 $454 $1720 pdf
8 x 16' $3150 $522 $1890 pdf
10 x 10' $2770 $383 $1730 pdf
10 x 12' $2950 $475 $1870 pdf
10 x 14' $3080 $549 $2080 pdf
10 x 16' $3270 $630 $2310 pdf
10 x 20' $4080 $736 $2730 pdf
12 x 12' $3140 $560 $1880 pdf
12 x 14' $3280 $648 $2120 pdf
12 x 16' $3480 $740 $2360 pdf
12 x 20' $4340 $880 $2940 pdf
12 x 24' $4690 $1040 $3400 pdf
14 x 14' $3450 $731 $2450 pdf
14 x 16' $3650 $833 $2720 pdf
14 x 20' $4520 $1024 $3350 pdf
14 x 24' $4880 $1219 $3970 pdf
14 x 28' $5380 $1480 $2450*2 pdf
16 x 16' $3980 $958 $3010 pdf
16 x 20' $4960 $1174 $3530 pdf
16 x 24' $5480 $1390 $4050 pdf
16 x 28' $5950 $1609 $2720*2 pdf
16 x 32' $6430 $1825 $3010*2 pdf

What's included in a Pine Pergola kit:

All parts are kiln dried, pressure treated, southern yellow pine

6x6 Posts with base trim for the bottom of the post to conceal the mounting brackets.

Main beams laid out for the rafter locations.

2x6 rafters spaced approx. 16" inches on center

2x4 purlins spaced approx. 16" inches on center

All hardware, instructions, diagrams.

When a pine pergola is attached to a home, posts are removed which allows a savings of $162 per post.



"First, man defines his architecture. Forever after, his architecture defines him."